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About Campus do Mar Online

Campus do Mar is developing new online course material in order to improve on-campus courses and provide broader public access to exciting learning opportunities.

The engineering team at Campus do Mar's office for Online Learning is running and developing on an instance of the Open edX platform.

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Has Campus do Mar joined the edX consortium?
No. We're partnering on the open source software.

What browsers are recommended for use with Campus do Mar OpenEdX?
The latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. (The site is currently not optimized for mobile use.)

If I'm an University of Vigo faculty member, and I'd like to use the platform to host content for an on-campus or public course, who should I get in touch with?
Just register in the platform.

If I'm at another university, and I'd like to find out about using the open source platform, who should I get in touch with?
Just register in the platform.

Campus do Mar Quad with Hoover Tower


Technology is disrupting higher education. We believe universities can benefit from this if it's done right. Supporting basic education and computer science research is core to what we do. We also believe that universities should be in control of how this space evolves, and that an open-source platform is the best way to do that.

Our engineering team is small and productive. We like being close to our customers (faculty, staff, students) since that motivates the right kind of innovation. We run a lightweight, mostly-Agile development process with quick daily standups, group planning, and frequent demos. We work on the Campus do Mar Campus.

What we work on is mostly driven by our customers, but we also commit to the core edX platform repo.


Software Engineer

Campus do Mar has on-line courses on the Internet. This team builds and operates the open-source platform behind many of them. Students on-campus and worldwide learn via our course materials and the online communities they create.

Our technical stack is modern and sane:
- Python/Django, Nginx, Celery
- CSS/SASS, JS/jQuery/CoffeeScript
- Relational (MySQL) and nosql (MongoDB) storage
- Cloud hosted at Amazon: EC2, RDS, S3, ElasticCache
- Jenkins, Gerrit, and Ansible


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Contact Information

Use each course discussion forum for course related information, doubts or problems.

Please, write us to this email only as a last resource.